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IPSERA wants to promote community building and competence development within the network also between the Annual IPSERA Conferences. Workshops and other events organized by IPSERA members help to achieve that goal.

These workshops can last anything between one afternoon and two days, may be targeted at an audience of practitioners or academics or both, and may be international or not. IPSERA membership is not always required to be able to participate, but does give you rebates on possible registration fees. Workshops with IPSERA funding will typically be organized by an IPSERA RICC or SIG, but workshops organized by other active IPSERA members can also apply for funding.

Ipsera provides bursaries for PhD students. These bursaries are available in the menu under 'Bursaries'.

Workshop Organising Pack and Funding

IPSERA provides small grants to organise workshops and small events. The workshop or event must be open to members and has to be advertised to the network. For those members who would like to organize an event, please e-mail the network manager in the Executive Committee at network@ipsera.com.

Workshops may receive a funding of up to EUR 750.


Upcoming events

    • 17 Nov 2021
    • 15:30 - 17:30
    • Zoom (online) Time is CET
    • 491

    Dear IPSERA friends and family,
    We cordially invite you to the forthcoming IPSERA workshop on Internet of Things (IoT).

    This workshop gives our members the opportunity to present papers and ideas; to receive feedback ahead of the conference. There will be no invited speakers, there will be no keynote speeches. The microphone will be yours!

    Our future IoT events will offer various formats, e.g., panels, keynote discussions, but this November workshop is research driven and we would like to hear your projects, research, and ideas.

    Those that wish to present a paper shall get in touch with Herv√© Legenvre hlegenvre@eipm.org by the 8th of November.

    Registration is open to the IPSERA members.  You are wholeheartedly encouraged to present your work, take part in the discussion, and help our community grow.


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