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International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

year of IPSERA

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we will be hosting a Year of IPSERA: a series of events for our members throughout the year.  In addition to the regular IPSERA Annual Conference, our Educators' Workshop and our annual Doctoral Workshop, different "Special Interest Groups" (SIGs) will host a number of workshops.  And the best part - the Year of IPSERA starts NOW!

IPSERA Educators' Workshop January 22nd 2021 (past event)

IPSERA Doctoral Workshop February 18th 2021 (past event) 

IPSERA Online Conference 2021 March 29th 2021  (past event)

IPSERA Risk and Resilience Workshop April 22nd 2021 (past event)

IPSERA Public Procurement Workshop May 26th 2021 (past event) 

IPSERA Workshop: Internet of Things November 17th 2021

IPSERA Conference 2022 April 10th 2022 

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