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International Purchasing and Supply

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Network (RICCs & SIGs): Robert Suurmond - Maastricht University

Robert Suurmond is young researcher in the field of purchasing and supply chain management and innovation. Robert is the father of two young boys and lives and works in Maastricht. He joined IPSERA 2015 in Amsterdam for the first time and has only missed one since.

Robert works as an assistant professor at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, in the department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. He holds a BSc, MSc, and PhD from RSM Erasmus University with a focus on purchasing and supply chain management. “Research-wise I focus on the intersection between supply chain, sourcing (services), and innovation. I also have a long history of work on systematic reviews and meta-analysis, including published work but also the development of software and trainings.”

His research has been published in leading academic journals, practitioner reports, and other media outlets. He regularly serves as a reviewer of various journals and conferences and is now serving as one of the Guest Editors of the IPSERA 2021 SI for JPSM. Robert teaches in bachelor, master, PhD, and executive education at various institutions. Besides regular research and education tasks, Robert heads the MSc in Supply Chain Management as program leader.

Twitter: @RobertSuurmond

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