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IPSERA was founded in 1990 by a group of academics interested in establishing a forum to discuss purchasing and supply issues. The first conference was held in April 1992 at the University of Strathclyde.  It has since grown from its early beginnings to become a regular annual event that has been hosted on 4 continents, with around 200-250 people attending.

Compared to other conferences in the OM field, IPSERA is relatively small, and is a very social event where people get to know one another well and establish collaborations. It provides an encouraging environment for PhD students and early career staff to present their first papers. In our recent strategic review in 2013, we felt that ‘Small is Beautiful’, and that IPSERA has a special atmosphere that we wish to preserve. 



Upcoming events

    • 29 Mar 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • 01 Apr 2021
    • (UTC+02:00)
    • Online

    On our 30th anniversary, the IPSERA Conference 2021 will be IPSERA's first online conference on the theme Purchasing Innovation and Crisis Management

    IPSERA is a unique multi-disciplinary network offering researchers, practitioners and educators a platform for developing and creating Purchasing and Supply knowledge. Our annual IPSERA Conference allows the exchange of the most recent research developments in an inspiring scientific and social environment with contributions from academics and practitioners in all fields concerned with Purchasing and Supply Management.

    Go to the Conference website  and for further information, please contact: Ipsera2021@ipsera.com

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