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International Purchasing and Supply

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IPSERA Conference Bursaries

Each year IPSERA offers a number of bursaries for attending the annual conference. The bursaries are dedicated to PhD students and post-doc researchers who have graduated in the year previous to the conference. The bursaries are up to 1000€ each, this will vary according to each year’s IPSERA budget and number of applications.

The criteria considered to evaluate the bursary applications, on a need and merit basis, include:

  • Applicant with limited or without alternative funding to attend the conference.
  • Applicant from an under-represented country/university in IPSERA
  • Applicant has not received a bursary before.
  • Applicant’s research proposal/paper addresses an interesting, innovative and up-to-date purchasing and supply management research topic.

Additional criteria for bursary applications:

  • Applicant must apply/ renew the IPSERA membership.
  • PhD student applicant is accepted for the doctoral workshop, or
  • PhD student applicant/ post-doc researcher submits a competitive paper at the conference.

You can apply by filling out the bursary application form here.

For more detailed information on bursaries, and applications, contact the executive committee at:

IPSERA 2024 timeline:

Application deadline: November 30th, 2023

Feedback can be expected by mid-December 2023

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