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International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

vice president: Jenny Bäckstrand - Jönköping University


Jenny Bäckstrand joined the IPSERA Executive Committee in March 2016. She is an associate professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management at School of Engineering, Jönköping University, Sweden. She teaches mainly Purchasing and Supply management at both bachelor and Master level. Her course in Purchasing Logistics is distributed digitally to students over four continents. At graduate level she teaches advanced research methodology (Collaborative and interactive research methods). She was recently elected “teacher of the year” by the students at School of Engineering. She is also the Director of Graduate schools at the School of Engineering.

Her research focuses on purchasing in manufacturing companies and more specifically on competitive strategies for customized products. The current research interest is pinpointing knowledge transfer and communication both internally between departments and externally from the customer and to the supplier. Her research result – a method for customer differentiated purchasing has been implemented at several Swedish based companies such as Ericsson and Siemens. A complementing research interest is thus within interactive research methodology and practitioner oriented research.

Twitter: @PurchasingLog


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