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  • IPSERA Workshop: Sustainable Supply Chains Versus Covid 19

IPSERA Workshop: Sustainable Supply Chains Versus Covid 19

  • 30 Nov 2020
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • Zoom (online) (Time is CET)


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How is Covid-19 impacting sustainable supply chain and procurement initiatives?

Recent supply chain disruptions exposed vulnerabilities and critical problems of supply chains all over the world across which justice, fairness and inclusion are not ensured for all. Central banks have been giving money without any sustainable supply chain or procurement considerations with money being funnelled to companies with no strings attached, meaning capital for some of the most exploitative companies and industries in the world.

Hear how researchers in IPSERA are investigating the impacts of Covid 19 and other disasters on sustainable supply chain and procurement practices and whether or not sustainable supply chain and procurement initiatives can survive knee-jerk reactions from companies and governments in troubled times. 

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Welcome note: 10 min introduction by Prof. Donna Marshall

SESSION 1 - Brief presentations: 10-15 mins to highlight challenges and opportunities & panel talk (4:10 pm- 5 pm CET)

Presentation 1: How Covid-19 has Exposed Brand Instrumentalism and Supplier Collaboration in the Fashion Industry

  • By Dr. Hakan Karaosman
  • Summary: We aim to explore the effect of Covid-19 on SME suppliers across different tiers of the supply chain. The research identifies internal and external response mechanisms at the brand and supplier levels while revealing tensions and opportunities that emerge between supply chain actors. Finally, it shows how sustainable purchasing and supply practices can help to build more resilient and responsible fashion supply chains.

Presentation 2:  Activist Research on Sustainable Seafood Supply Chains: Where do we push the buttons?

  • By Prof. Mellie Pullman and Dr. Lucy McCarthy
  • Summary: Biodiversity issues have been neglected as a focal issue in sustainability supply chain management. As our oceans are in grave danger of ecosystem collapse, seafood supply chains require our attention. But as activist researchers, where can we get access and make the most impact

Presentation 3:  A look at social impact supply chains in times of Covid

  • By Dr. Annachiara Longoni & Dr. Davide Luzzini
  • We will reflect on how social enterprises can build a resilient ecosystem for social impact and on the crucial role of stakeholder relationships management.

Panel: Practitioner talk

  • By Thomas Udesen - CPO Bayer and Founder of Sustainable Procurement Pledge
  • Oliver Hurrey, Responsible Supply Chain Expert and Founder of Multiple Responsible Supply Chain Forums

Partial Wrap-up: 10 mins by Dr. Leonardo Marques

SESSION 2 – Think Tank Breakout rooms (5pm - 6pm CET)

  • 45 mins to discuss challenges and opportunities
  • Summary of main points from each group

Final Wrap-up and Next Steps: 10 mins by Dr. Leonardo Marques


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