Reduced IPSERA Conference Fee for PhD Students

IPSERA offers 25 reduced rates for PhD. For a reduced PhD rate €200 to attend the IPSERA conference you have to send an email to  bursaries@ipsera.com together with an evidence of inscription or attendance in a doctoral/PhD program. You will then receive a code to register through the regular IPSERA registration process choosing the reduced PhD rate option.

IPSERA Conference and IFPSM Summer School Bursaries

The IPSERA executive committee has three bursaries available to attend the IPSERA Conference and three bursaries to attend the IFPSM doctoral summer school in Rotterdam each year. The bursaries are up to 750€ each. A number of criteria are considered to judge bursary applications on a need and merit basis, including:

  • Applicant without alternative funding to attend the conference/summer school
  • Applicant from a developing country
  • Applicant from a country under-represented at the conference/summer school
  • Applicant a PhD student early on in their studies
  • Applicant has not received bursary before
  • Applicant’s paper/research proposal is on an interesting and current research topic
Additional criteria for conference applications: 
  • Applicant accepted for doctoral workshop
  • Applicant presenting a paper at the conference

For more detailed information on bursaries, and applications, contact the executive committee at:

You can download the bursary application form here.

We are particularly grateful to Mario Raffa and to CIPS for each sponsoring a Conference Bursary each year. The other three conference bursaries are made available from IPSERA funds. The IFPSM summer school bursaries are co-financed between IPSERA and IFPSM.

IPSERA Conference Bursaries

Application Deadline: 2nd January 2020

Submission to: bursaries@ipsera.com 

Feed-back can be expected: 22nd January 2020

IFPSM Summer School Bursaries

Application Deadline: 24th April 2020

Submission to: bursaries@ipsera.com 

Feed-back can be expected: 8th May 2020

African Scholar Bursary

The African Scholar Bursary was established with the generous support of Prof. Hannie Badenhorst-Weiss (Conference Host: IPSERA 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa). It is dedicated exclusively to promote and facilitate African scholars’ (with their main affiliation on the African continent) attendance of future IPSERA conferences. To apply for this dedicated bursary please use the bursary application form and submit it via email to bursaries@ipsera.com. The IPSERA Conference Bursary deadlines above apply also to this bursary.

Latin American PhD Bursary

The 'Rebecca Arkader PhD Bursary for Latin America' is sponsored by Diagma and is intended to support PhD researchers to apply to and attend the IPSERA Annual Conference and the Doctoral Workshop. The IPSERA Conference Bursary deadlines above apply also to this bursary.

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