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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion guidelines

IPSERA is a unique community with values of inclusivity and openness. IPSERA recognises that we all represent diverse and multifaceted backgrounds. To ensure that we are as inclusive and open as possible, we have developed a set of equality diversity and inclusivity guidelines for the IPSERA community and IPSERA event organisers. We have excelled at gender equality in the executive committee and for the last few years the membership has become more gender equitable as well as having representation from multiple different communities including PhD, postdoctoral, early-career and senior academics, and our practitioner communities. We also have representation from across the globe including, Africa, Australia, across many European countries, as well as Latin and North America. The IPSERA community also embraces all sexual orientations and welcomes those with different types of ability. We would now like to extend this open and diverse approach to our strategy, governance activities and events.

Ensuring Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

IPSERA aims to channel global leadership by being an exemplar through equality, diversity and inclusion. We, as the IPSERA Executive Committee, therefore, confirm our commitment to:


  • Engage our members and encourage the use of diverse, inclusive and equal language
  • Create, publish and promote the IPSERA diversity, inclusion and equality guidelines
  • Link equality, diversity and inclusion to the IPSERA values
  • Promote the common IPSERA vision
  • Orchestrate diversity-and inclusivity-specific IPSERA programmes and activities
  • Create a strategy that embeds equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Set specific targets on diversity, inclusion and equality
  • Measure and disclose progress on equality, diversity and inclusivity
  • Ensure the inclusion of members, taking into account gender, ethnicity, and nationality, and reflecting the diversity our membership and our vision for IPSERA throughout the executive committee election process
  • Ensure gender, ethnicity, and nationality diversity reflecting our membership and our vision for IPSERA when organising committees, panels, and other committees
  • All members should respect individual differences. A gender-, ethnicity-, nationality-, political, sexuality-, ability-, neutral language is required
  • Eliminate sexist, classist, ableist, or racist jokes or assumption driven comments/questions


 Your IPSERA Executive Committee

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