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International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

IPSERA Educator's Workshop 2021

Friday 22nd January 2021 
14.00 - 17.00 CET

Program chair: Professor George A. Zsidisin

Workshop announcement

The IPSERA2021 Educator’s Workshop theme is “Teaching and Learning Purchasing and Supply Management in an Online Environment.

The developments of COVID-19 and the global pandemic of 2020 have radically shifted the environment and modes of delivering high-quality purchasing and supply management education at Universities. The purpose of the Educator’s Workshop is to provide insight to the IPSERA community of innovative approaches for succeeding in this “new” on-line environment. 

The Educator’s Workshop will consist of presentations and panel sessions from leading PSM scholars and educators providing insight to the challenges and opportunities afforded in an on-line environment. Sessions will include:

Approaches for engaging and sustaining student interest in an online learning environment
Chairs: Drs. Stephen Kelly and Marika Tuomela-Pyykkonen
The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a global shift towards on-line learning, with students now having higher expectations of the learning experience as we move from crisis mode into it becoming an educational norm. This interactive sessions aims to bring together the experiences of the IPSERA community, in which participants will present the tools, techniques and methods by which they have engaged students in an on-learning environment. These experiences can be shared through brief demonstrations or mini-presentations which focus on a practical application in the learning context. We invite those members of the community who are interested in doing a short presentation of a specific engagement method to email as the session coordinator.

Online teaching and examination: the good, the bad and the ugly
Chair: Prof. Finn Wynstra
The last year, we all have quickly gained experience in on-line teaching and examination – for better or for worse. This session aims to capture the main lessons that we learned at RSM and in particular myself: from a variety of programs and audience sizes, and ranging from the more strategic (what teaching if any should still be in person?) to the more mundane (the joy of a detachable webcam).

Teaching supply (chain) analytics in an online environment
Chairs: Profs. Trilce Encarnacion, Matias Enz, Jill Bracy, Shakiba Enayati, and Haitao Li
Students need to develop analytical skills in order to improve their supply chain decision-making capabilities. This session will provide learning lessons and suggestions for teaching supply chain analytics in an online environment at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and illustrate the use of analytical software tools and other analytical software tools in teaching purchasing and supply chain management principles. 

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